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Re: VMs: One simple question

> --- Larry Roux <lroux@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I could do the same with individual letter
> > statistics. For instance, "o" starts a lot of words.
> >  "y" ends a lot of words.  Let's work with that.
> >
> > o is followed often by "l".  "l" is often followed
> > by "k".  "k" by "e". "e" by "d". "d" by "y".  So we
> > have a word "olkedy" Does that exist? Sure does!
> >
> > So I can create words based on different rules that
> > create Voy words - but they don't tell me anything
> > except that I am following some set of rule
> > structure that seems to be evident in the Voy
> > itself.
> >
> > Does it help me solve the riddle?  Nope.

Rene replied

> Well, can you do the same thing as above with
> English? With Latin? With German?
> Even without having tried, I think we can be sure
> that the answer is no.
> Does it help us?
> Let's say that, by itself it's not enough to solve
> the riddle, but it's an opening.
> Cheers, Rene

I have tried English and Latin and it definately does not apply to these

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