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VMs: Re: Italian?

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Da: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
A: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx <vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Data: giovedì 18 settembre 2003 0.33
Oggetto: VMs: Italian?

>del dena appeared as a form. Now I don't speak or read Italian so now I am
>in nomans land.

"del" is indeed Italian, it has a lots of different meanings but it can be
roughly translated as "some" or "an arbitrary quantity".
"Give me SOME cheese" --> "Dammi DEL formaggio"
If written before vowels, it's spelled DELL' , such as "some water" -->

>Just found de mossa on a French site. Mixture of languages?

Could be, everything could be...

Just a question, but exactly how did you choose the letters / triplets /
pair substitution? arbitrarly? statistically?


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