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VMs: Re: Re: Italian?

Gabriele Ferri <gabriele.ferri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote

Da: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Oggetto: VMs: Italian?

>del dena appeared as a form. Now I don't speak or read Italian so now I am
>in nomans land.

"del" is indeed Italian, it has a lots of different meanings but it can be
roughly translated as "some" or "an arbitrary quantity".
"Give me SOME cheese" --> "Dammi DEL formaggio"
If written before vowels, it's spelled DELL' , such as "some water" -->

>Just found de mossa on a French site. Mixture of languages?

Could be, everything could be...

Just a question, but exactly how did you choose the letters / triplets /
pair substitution? arbitrarly? statistically?


I did statistics for individual letters that occur together, then expanded
this to pairs and finally to triplets. Each time I stored a count of the
occurances. This was done by scanning all words from last letter to first
and building up a tree structure that plotted all paths through the links to
produce the paired word forms on the site http://www.haleyj.freeuk.com. I
then decided which pairs/triplets to replace on frequency of occurance. This
is probably not the best method, I don't know. I was just interested to see
what happened. If this means anything at all then the letter frequency
counts form too steep a curve in my opinion, but if the distribution of
letter substitutions was across several substitution tables that did not all
occur with the same frequency then the curve might be explained and would
produce actual words intermingled with nonsense as only certain letters
would be associated with the right lookup.

This may all be totally wrong, but let me ask this. Why do Italian words, or
embedded words seem to appear at various intervals?

Maybe I have just been staring at this thing too long.


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