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Re: VMs: RE: St Mark's Basilica in Venice...?

Hi Dennis,

At 22:37 31/10/2003 -0600, Dennis wrote:
Nick Pelling wrote:
> Again, the decorations on some of the pharma shapes (most notably the
> object on the bottom left of f89r) in the VMs' pharma section look (to me)
> a lot like those found on Venetian Murano glassware from 1450-1500 (for
> example, there are some fine examples in the V&A Museum in London, &
> probably 100's more in Venice itself).

Could you give us a link for this glassware?

"From a book of Reino Liefkes Glass Department Curator Victoria and Albert Museum":-

http://www.vam.ac.uk/ is now working (but horrendously slowly - serve 'em right for using ASP, I say).

FWIW, back when I was looking into Murano-related stuff, I never really found anything *that* interesting on the Web - everything of interest was either in the V&A or in books at the British Library (though I didn't record my Murano reading list, sorry). This ~may~ be different now, but a quick search didn't reveal anything that surprised me.

The object on the bottom left of f89r seems to be formed from transparent glass, which (back then) only came from Murano. AFAICT, the pattern of (coloured) dots on that object was also extremely typical of Murano glassware (IIRC, one [or perhaps two] of the pieces at the V&A had the same kind of markings), and this also recurs in various examples pictured in the literature.

AIUI, there are numerous museums in and around the Venetian lagoon holding 15th Century Murano glass - has anyone looked at these?

        Also.  What do you think about the nymphs as folkloric
water spirits,
naiads, etc.?  Do you, or anyone else, know about such
mythic creatures in
Italian folklore?  The nymphs remind me somewhat of
Rubens' Flamandes.  Are
there comparable women in Italian Renaissance art?

Vat Gr 1291 works perfectly (as a source for the nymphs) for me. All my (Quattrocento North Italian) suspects would have seen this manuscript, so I'm pursuing different lines from this ATM.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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