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Re: VMs: RE: from Venice... to Genua?

Mart Vabar wrote:
> I personally have visited the pictoresque ruins of Genovan colonies
> at Black Sea
> (youknow, Crimea, Krim - are there kriminals there?)
> In XVth century, these cities was strong and flourishing.
> The clever Italian merchants took profits from balance of power
> between the Golden Horde from on side and
> Lithuania (changing to Poland later) from other side.

I find that Karaite (a branch of Judaism) communities
in the 
Crimea were held by the Genovese:

> When both Byzantium and the Mongol Empire declined, 
> the trading towns of the Crimea were administered in the
> fifteenth century by the Republic of Genoa. 

> It gives a chance to explain
> the renaissance (probably Italian) look of the VMS
> and the overall "pagan" feeling of folk culture of
> southeastern Europe (or even central Asia, this is
> my opinion).

	Hm... are the women in a Turkish bath?  Maybe :-) 

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