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VMs: RE: from Venice... to Genua?


I personally have visited the pictoresque ruins of Genovan colonies
at Black Sea
(youknow, Crimea, Krim - are there kriminals there?)
In XVth century, these cities was strong and flourishing.
The clever Italian merchants took profits from balance of power
between the Golden Horde from on side and
Lithuania (changing to Poland later) from other side.

It gives a chance to explain
the renaissance (probably Italian) look of the VMS
and the overall "pagan" feeling of folk culture of
southeastern Europe (or even central Asia, this is
my opinion).


If you want crypto, in trade there are always enough of the secrets.
Say, you write a strange text in some old Turk dialect (mixed with
slavic, why not old Finno-Ugric - or vice versa. These languages
live side-by-side even today). It needs only some
words in some places to tell, say, how much we have here something here
or what the chances are to buy something - but surely you know it at last
as well.

Later, somebody writes numbers on the margin and takes the few essential data.

Pics are camouflage in such a case. Almost. Or - are they?

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Dennis wrote:

> 	I can see I'm not getting all the voymail...
> Nick Pelling wrote:
> > 
> > Again, the decorations on some of the pharma shapes (most notably the
> > object on the bottom left of f89r) in the VMs' pharma section look (to me)
> > a lot like those found on Venetian Murano glassware from 1450-1500 (for
> > example, there are some fine examples in the V&A Museum in London, &
> > probably 100's more in Venice itself).
> 	Could you give us a link for this glassware?  I found
> this:
> http://www.boglewood.com/murano/
> It has a link for the V&A Museum, but it doesn't work.
> 	Also.  What do you think about the nymphs as folkloric
> water spirits, 
> naiads, etc.?  Do you, or anyone else, know about such
> mythic creatures in 
> Italian folklore?  The nymphs remind me somewhat of
> Rubens' Flamandes.  Are 
> there comparable women in Italian Renaissance art?
> Dennis
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