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Re: VMs: RE: from Venice... to Genua?

Mart Vabar wrote:

> If you want crypto, in trade there are always enough of the secrets.
> Say, you write a strange text in some old Turk dialect (mixed with
> slavic, why not old Finno-Ugric - or vice versa. These languages
> live side-by-side even today). 

That's right. Some time ago I mentioned an alchemical
manuscript which is in the archive in Kiev, was written
at the beginning of the 17th c. in Lvov by an Armenian,
who was a brother of the Greek Catholic archbishop.
The main text is in Polish but has many glosses and
notes in Armeno-Kiptchak, i.e. the Kiptchak (Turkic)
language written in Armenian script.

Best regards,

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