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Re: VMs: VMS language mixture

Hi ALL :-)

I'm back on-line (albeit just 56k dial-up now - ~bummer~ - till they
bring back DSL cable or telco out here... [mid colorado / 1 hr (auto
drive) from denver co/usa])

95% moved now (thought it would be till christmas - LOL) and out here
where one can legally own buffalos, chickens & cows (smiles)
I want a male BULL Buffalo named "SIOUX: (ha.haa) as a guard dog!

oddly I own 2 houses now - though not as ~fun as it sound$~ (sigh)

To jeff below (HI JEFF!):-) 

 Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 00:25:40 -0000
 From: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: VMs: VMS language mixture
 I now believe I have enough evidence to show that the Voynich Manuscript is
 a mixture of several different languages. This is why I have been able to
 retrieve various word groupings in different languages from the raw EVA. And
 YES I am still using the EVA and for good reason. I will be preparing some
 information which will be posted to the web.
 Some of the EVA glyphs are combinations as suggested by GC. I bet that
 statement will surprise him. Others are simply a consequence of the language
 mixture. I still believe the last letter of each 'word' in the VMS is the
 key and word letter position is important for its solution.
 Any comments are welcome.
 P.S. For all those that replied to my seemingly whacky posts, whether in
 jest or not, a big thank you! They were posted for a very good reason no
 matter how strange they seemed at the time.

~Crazy vms ideas abound~ THAT IS GOOD! The sooner to ~crack the vms
with!~ _Many here_ have IT (vms) "surrounded".

"ES" said "The TIME IS _NOW_!!" 

also "* SEE the ~MiRrOR~ *"

REVERSE> You said your "LAST letter in each 'word'"? Try using the
"gallows" character for START positioning positionings. Then you
should *SEE* it is all _ONE LANGUAGE_ and not several different ones.

Best to you & yours
Good luck ALL 

steve (I hate moving/ but still watching vms list :-)) ekwall
ps - till "IT" (vms) is cracked, there is no such thing as a ~wacky
post~, the truth is always stranger than fiction. I'm the "wacky nut"
that just says FOLD YOUR PAPER KEY to decoded it (smiles)


REMEMBER: Gallows = (plain paper) "FOLDED KEY"  = simple coding (code)


~nuff said~ :-))

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