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Re: VMs: VMS language mixture

steve ekwall ekwall2@xxxxxxxx wrote

> ~Crazy vms ideas abound~ THAT IS GOOD! The sooner to ~crack the vms
> with!~ _Many here_ have IT (vms) "surrounded".
> "ES" said "The TIME IS _NOW_!!"
> also "* SEE the ~MiRrOR~ *"
> REVERSE> You said your "LAST letter in each 'word'"? Try using the
> "gallows" character for START positioning positionings. Then you
> should *SEE* it is all _ONE LANGUAGE_ and not several different ones.
> Best to you & yours
> Good luck ALL
> -=se=-
> steve (I hate moving/ but still watching vms list :-)) ekwall
> ps - till "IT" (vms) is cracked, there is no such thing as a ~wacky
> post~, the truth is always stranger than fiction. I'm the "wacky nut"
> that just says FOLD YOUR PAPER KEY to decoded it (smiles)
> .
> .
> .
> REMEMBER: Gallows = (plain paper) "FOLDED KEY"  = simple coding (code)
> ~nuff said~ :-))

Welcome back steve.

I take your point about gallows glyphs. They do play an important function,
as does the combinations featuring iin or iiin. I am currently between GC
and Nick Pelling in my reasoning, though I veer strongly towards Nick
Pelling and feel that he is more in the ballpark.

I still have nagging doubts though. The feeling that it is a mechanically
constructed hoax is still quite hard to shake. Although the hoax theory does
not seem cut and dry either.

I also feel that the method Jon Grove developed plays an important part in
the solution, though it seems to reinforce the mechanical hoax method, even
though he used plain text as the input.

I has to disagree with you on the single language hypothesis. All tests I
ran failed to match the VMS with single languages. When multiple language
plain texts were used the statistics became closer in match. Also last
letter seemed to be significant.

I am approaching this problem not as a linguist, or a cryptographer,
although I have spent a lot of time decrypting codes, but from an approach
recommened by Einstein. Observation. I try not to be ruled by
preconceptions. This of course might be totally misguided.

I have the utmost respect for members of the list and am willing to change
my mind when necessary. So come on guys! If you think I'm wrong, change my


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