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Re: VMs: Cicco Simonetta (for Jeff)...


Nick suggested

[re. *Cryptographia or the Art of Decyphering* by David Arnold

>I hadn't heard of it before: it appears to have been serialised in the 
>Gentleman's Magazine in 1742, 

The Gentleman's Magazine is available on CD ROMs from Rod Neep at
http://www.archivecdbooks.org, though I'm not sure which disk has the
serialisation in question. One might have to ask him.

But in any case, Rod offers a very interesting selection of literature
which may be of interest to members of this group; his service is
excellent and he supplies world-wide. Highly recommended.




     Irritating people like to remind me at difficult
times that in China they use the same word for "crisis"
and "opportunity". I remind them that in China they use
the same word for "China" and "Tibet" - and it's "China".
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