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VMs: Fw: A test

Title: RE: A test
Here is a conversation between myself and Jon Grove. I sent him a snippet of a 1550 manuscript I found in text form via Gabrielle Ferri. All accented characters have been converted to the latin alphabet for simplicity. Read the bottom message first.
The significant thing here is that analysis of the text shows marked differences in the structure between Jon's method and the VMS. I will be working on some information in table form that may be able to bring the statistics more into line with those of the VMS. I will send these tables to Jon whenever I have them finished.
I am making very good progress using my methods and hope to have something that will create very VMS like output within the next couple of months. Whether this will advance the state of the game or not remains to be seen.
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From: Jon Grove
To: 'Jeff'
Sent: 06 November 2003 09:03
Subject: RE: A test

Hi Jeff,

FWIW, here's the output of my program:

# PoichelaEccellenziaVostraseguendoinciolormedegliillustrissimisuoiprogenitoriedala

dalkeeol skedy shaiin oain skchedar shdy qodar lchealy ychy qolcheody otcham oshed
ytal star shar qoll okchdy tchdar ltdar sham rko lchody ll lcham ytod qolkeed
al osheol dkeeo lkched qoshaiin

# naturalemagnanimitasuaincitataespintanoncessadifavorireedesaltareognisortedivirtu

qchey olteaiin shdy l qotchal qosheol l lkaiin rcheeaiin lsheain lkaiin dchedy r
od lshey qoshear qain ochody qokchol achealy yteol qolkchedy dykcheody qoshy qot
edy ytchal lchar qolkdy dytaly ltey ol

# dovunqueellasitruoviethaspezialmentespezialmente

kchar sheeam qodaiir olkchedy shdar qochol dteam ysheeol okor qochod oodar lched
ar l oshey ochod oodar lchedar l oshey o

I don't think it's particularly significant, though, since virtually any text passed into the program will produce stuff that looks like Voynichese. That's because the 'translation tables' are based on the observed 'word' structure of VMS, so it's virtually impossible for the program to produce stuff that doesn't look VMS-like!


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> From: Jeff [mailto:jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 06 November 2003 02:21
> To: Jon Grove
> Subject: A test
> Hi Jon
> If you still have your VMS text generation program could you
> translate the
> following using your method and post it to the mailing list
> with both the
> VMS style text and the plain text. I am interested to see
> what it produces.
> The plain text is from a 1550 Italian manuscript I found via Gabrielle
> Ferri.
> Poi.che.la.Eccellenzia.Vostra.seguendo.in.cio.lorme.de.gli
> illustrissimi.suoi.progenitori.e.da.la.naturale.magnanimita
> sua.incitata.e.spinta.non.cessa.di.favorire.e.desaltare.ogni
> sorte.di.virtu.dovunque.ella.si.truovi.et.ha.spezialmente
> Jeff
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