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Re: VMs: Mixtures of languages in the VMS

--- Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> While this is certainly possible, it seems to me
> like a dangerous 
> starting point, because it offers so many "degrees
> of freedom".
> It's like fitting a (polynomial) curve to a set of
> data points - by 
> using  enough powers in the formula you can make the
> curve fit all the  data points exactly
 [ snipped ]

I'd like to offer an additional 2 cents:
What will also not work is 'iterating and converging
to a solution to a chaotic encryption system'.

I don't know if that is clear enough as it stands.

In any case, any proposed solution fitting the
above description is to me unacceptable, especially
if it only 'translates' a small part of the VMs.

Strong's solution fits that bill.

Jeff isn't yet ready to explain his solution,
but based upon the differences between one 
proposed plaintext and the next, it looks like
a choatic system as well, so 'tuning' it in order
to converge to a real plaintext really cannot work,
in my opinion. 

Cheers, Rene

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