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Re: VMs: Babelfish translation [plus question for Dana]

Hi Larry,

At 10:07 14/11/2003 -0500, Larry Roux wrote:
I disagree. ch is probably 2 glyphs. They are written as 2 distinct characters and there are examples of ah co and others.

As you know, despite the overwhelmingly dominant regularities observable within Voynichese, the VMs is studded throughout with handfuls of character-pairs which "break the rules".

Various people have pointed to evidence which they believe supports the idea that the VMs' text was copied by one or more scribes who didn't know what it meant at all. So, there is a not-easily-dismissable possibility that there are numerous copying errors in the text (one might suggest letter combinations like "ddy", "dyy" etc?) which might otherwise destabilise the ciphertext if the system were too fragile.

It could even be that the VMs deliberately uses an over-determined cipher system (ie, with built in error-detection / error-correction) to compensate for such scribal errors - that would certainly accord with the kind of system I predict.

So: I would say that <ch> is *probably* 1 glyph, though of course I agree that there is limited evidence to suggest that it could *possibly* be 2 glyphs. Or even three. Any advance on three? Ah, the main at the back, Professor Newbold - what, no bid from you, sir? :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling......

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