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Re: VMs: Babelfish translation [plus question for Dana]

--- Larry Roux <LRoux@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I disagree.  ch is probably 2 glyphs.  They are
> written as 2 distinct characters and there are
> examples of ah co and others.

I know that you're not alone to hold that opinion,
but you're certainly part of a minority.

It is a strange thing, this character, because
a variety with a plume exists as well, and it
can be intruded by the gallows characters.
The main reason why Eva uses two characters
to represent it, is to be able to write
ckh, cth, cph and cfh for these intruding gallows,
and to allow a clean representation of the many
so-called weirdoes (ligatured variants of it).

I understand your two arguments above, but I am
not sure whether they support the idea that 
ch is really two characters. For example, the 
capital Y is also written in two parts, and 
the similar character X exists, yet Y is a single

Mind you, I have no answers, only lots of
questions myself.

Cheers, Rene

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