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VMs: Research Note: f67v2

I was offline for three days, thanks to my ISP cutting off my
service without notice due to my computer being infected
with the Opaserv worm. I wouldn't mind so much, if I hadn't
fixed the problem three weeks ago.

Anyway, I've been studying f67v recently. (Does anybody 
have a fairly dark and clear copy of that folio they 
can send me? I've tried using Photoshop to bring out
details, but with limited success.)

I had thought that if the portrait is Tycho, then the dark stars
in the SW section might be Cassiopeia, and the sunburst 
represent the Supernova of 1572.

But the man's face does not fit any portrait of Tycho I've
found on line, and the stars don't fit with Cassiopeia very

I've also looked at portraits of Kepler and Rudolf II.  Any
suggestions of who else it might be?


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