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Re: VMs: Research Note: f67v2

--- Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was offline for three days, thanks to my ISP
> cutting off my
> service without notice due to my computer being
> infected
> with the Opaserv worm. I wouldn't mind so much, if I
> hadn't
> fixed the problem three weeks ago.
> Anyway, I've been studying f67v recently. (Does
> anybody 
> have a fairly dark and clear copy of that folio they
> can send me? I've tried using Photoshop to bring out
> details, but with limited success.)
> I had thought that if the portrait is Tycho, then
> the dark stars
> in the SW section might be Cassiopeia, and the
> sunburst 
> represent the Supernova of 1572.
> But the man's face does not fit any portrait of
> Tycho I've
> found on line, and the stars don't fit with
> Cassiopeia very
> well.
> I've also looked at portraits of Kepler and Rudolf
> II.  Any suggestions of who else it might be?

All three men are rather easily recognisable in
portraits (Kepler probably the least of three).
While I still think that the timing is a bit
late for the VMs, you may find that a man
called Reimarus Ursus (Nicolaus Reymers) is
quite an intriguing contemporary of Tycho,
and even more so is Tadeas Hajek.
Of the latter there is a portrait at my web site.
I have never seen a portrait of the former.

Cheers, Rene 

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