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Re: VMs: Four column model/paradigm...

Nick Pelling wrote:
> There are four basic shorthand mechanisms:-
> (1) symbolic replacement (ie additional symbols for syllables & words)
>       Downside: too many extra symbols to remember will drive you crazy
>          * Tironian notae
> (2) tachygraphy (single-stroke alphabets, literally "fast writing")
>       Downside: too many different strokes & they start to overlap
>          * Greek tachygraphy
> (3) systematic abbreviation (either contraction or truncation)
>       Downside: what is systematic for you is unthinkable for me
>          * Radcliffe's system
> (4) conceptual replacement with hint letters (to help reconstruction)
>       Downside: what was systematic for Bright was unthinkable for everyone
> else :-)
>          * Bright's Characterie
> Modern shorthands typically cherry-pick the best pieces of (1)-(3), and
> shape them into a reasonably coherent system. 

	It has occurred to me, and probably you, that this
also describes nomenclators. A nomenclator also
enciphers words, perhaps syllables, and letters.  The
difference between a shorthand system and a nomenclator
is, of course, that a shorthand system is designed to
be easy to memorize.  However, nomemclators were the
standard cipher system of the time.   Correct me if I'm

	Here's a nomenclator.

                  iin           r          ly
da		  very		s	   excellent
olta		  stink           old	   fish
qoko		  thistle	a  	   strong

qokor daiin daiin qokoly oltaly oltaiin dar

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