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Re: VMs: Strange pattern (key?)

Rene Zandbergen r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx

> --- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > And there's the mystery: Markov-like combinatorial
> > templates which our VMs
> > word-paradigms typically describe might make sense
> > for an artificial
> > numbering system, or perhaps even a way of
> > traversing some kind of mnemonic
> > tree of knowledge - but does they really describe
> > language behaviour?
> Several people have experimented with hidden Markov
> models and from talking to one of them (Jim Reeds)
> I remember that, when applied to language
> (I guess it may have been Latin or English), it
> will highlight the alternation between vowels
> and consonants. This did not happen with the VMs.
> Instead, there it highlighted the well-known word
> patterns, e.g. (q)ok(e)(e)(d)y.
> To get back to Jeff's original message, the
> piece of text he showed had many lines where
> additional initial characters appeared at the
> start of each line - not only t or k, but also
> y.
> It is a pity that we don't know which page it
> is from, because there are some pages where
> these first characters are actually written in
> a semi-detached way from the line.
> It seems like a relevant piece of the puzzle.
> Cheers, Rene

Just for you Rene I'll sort out the page numbers from the EVA I have here


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