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Re: VMs: Strange pattern (key?)

Nick Pelling wrote:
> Given that I suspect VMs words to be bimodal (ie, with a <qokeedy> mode and
> a non-<qokeedy> mode), my current effort is going into consiously
> constructing a strongly predictive Markov model for the <qokeedy> mode, and
> only then perhaps trying to see if there's another HMM hiding in the
> residue. Most people focus on <qokeedy> words, but the remainder may
> actually prove far more useful to us, you never know... :-)

	I like this!  The non-<qokeety> words are probably the
ones more 
like natural language, perhaps just the underlying
language in  relatively 
simple substitution cipher.  Isn't this what modern
shorthand systems are 
like --- the less common words are spelled out or
abbreviated, or even 

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