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Re: VMs: Has anyone seen this facsimile ? (Tranchedino)

And while browsing I found this: http://www.geschichte.uni-muenchen.de/ghw/geheimschriften/impressum.shtml Look at the list of literature! I'm going to do some more library digging.


Thanks for posting this - illustrations of some things I have wanted to see for a long
time. The thieves cant is particularly interesting - evidence that the King Tut idea
was actually used at the relevant time.

I'm reading the commentary about the "Gratheus" (Cod.Vind. 2372), the
medieval alchemist manuscript in old Dutch. I'll try to keep you informed
about any interesting observations.

And thanks for this.

I can't understand the text properly, but some good pictures. Presumably the disc
hatched in a spiral pattern represents the sun, which represents gold in alchemical symbolism.
I don't think we have previously had any explanation of this symbol in a really old book.

Philip Neal

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