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Re: VMs: VMS at Bodleian

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Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>Given all his interests and long-term association with Oxford, it would 
>seem perfectly sensible for him not only to have had a photostat of the 
>VMs, but also to have later donated it to the Bodleian. The big question is 
>- is it simply a CopyFlo or is it one of the early copies (presumably from 
>rotographs)? If the latter, just how early is it?


Hello again

Here's my not-too-wild conjecture.... (I hope - but isn't that what most
of this discussion is all about?) 

JRR Tolkien had access to a reproduction of the VMS of some kind. Given
that he may be presumed very likely to have known Maddison, it might
well have been Maddison's copy. I don't know what kind of version JRRT
used, as all I saw was an indifferent page or two (of what looked like
second-generation copies) made or at any rate supplied by him, but he
sent these to a friend in the mid 1960s around which time I saw them,
and before 1969.

The Beinecke obtained MS 408 in 1969; did they originate the ubiquitous
Copy-Flos? If so, we might guess that Maddison had at some time had
something different and earlier, even if this is not the actual copy now
in the Bodleian.

Just my tuppence worth......... 




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