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Re: VMs: VMS at Bodleian

The Yale University Library cover sheet for the CopyFlo of MS 408 states that it was "Reproduced from the original in the Yale University Photographic Services" and is dated Aug. 5, 1976 and photographed by E.K.
Dana Scott
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Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>Given all his interests and long-term association with Oxford, it would
>seem perfectly sensible for him not only to have had a photostat of the
>VMs, but also to have later donated it to the Bodleian. The big question is
>- is it simply a CopyFlo or is it one of the early copies (presumably from
>rotographs)? If the latter, just how early is it?


Hello again

Here's my not-too-wild conjecture.... (I hope - but isn't that what most
of this discussion is all about?)

JRR Tolkien had access to a reproduction of the VMS of some kind. Given
that he may be presumed very likely to have known Maddison, it might
well have been Maddison's copy. I don't know what kind of version JRRT
used, as all I saw was an indifferent page or two (of what looked like
second-generation copies) made or at any rate supplied by him, but he
sent these to a friend in the mid 1960s around which time I saw them,
and before 1969.

The Beinecke obtained MS 408 in 1969; did they originate the ubiquitous
Copy-Flos? If so, we might guess that Maddison had at some time had
something different and earlier, even if this is not the actual copy now
in the Bodleian.

Just my tuppence worth.........




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