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Re: VMs: Baphomat

27/11/2003 10:03:14 PM, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Wicca, I believe,
>is actually a modern construction.

As far as I know too.

To me, "Baphomet" sounds like a corruption of 
"Mahomet", the French rendition of "Muhammad".

But I turned to my 1900 Larousse Encyclopaedia...
Here's the translation of the article.

Baphomet or Bafomet, name of an idol which,
according to some authors, was worshipped
by the Templars [I knew that]; this claim, by
the way, has never been proved. It is the
transcription of the Arabic name Mohammed
with the aspirate h changing to f, as is
common in many Spanish words borrowed from

Since the Templars' order had fiefs in Muslim
lands, and the Templars had mostly peaceful
relationships with the locals, it should come
as little surprise that they should have 
been accused of heresy, and of worshipping
Mahomet, a.k.a. Baphomet. BTW, did you know
that in colloquial French "Mahomet" refers
to the sun? On a hot day you can say "y
chauffe, Mahomet" (or: y tape, Mahomet).

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