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Re: VMs: Erich_Hüttenhain

--- PK#01 <pklist01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Another fairly useless bit of trivia :-/
> Probably less trivial than you think. If it's really
> the same guy, he's not
> small fry. Do you have any details of their
> correspondence?

I'm afraid I don't. I have his name from
private communication, and all I know for sure
is that they have discussed Trithemius.
An earlier web search did not result in anything.
Now, it turned up a potentially interesting book;
I quote below from the WWW.
The NSA was always very interested in the VMs. 

Cheers, Rene


Bamford, James. Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the
Ultra-Secret National Security Agency from the Cold
War through the Dawn of a New Century. New York:
Doubleday, 2001. 721 pages. 
When James Bamford wrote the world's first book on the
National Security Agency in 1982, everyone was nervous
if not furious. The NSA reclassified some declassified
documents he used, and even Newsweek liberals were
critical. The book itself was great, but unlike many
media pundits, Bamford forgot to take his cues from
the Cold War intelligence establishment. Nineteen
years later, this new book is the toast of the town.
Bamford didn't change; everyone and everything else

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