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VMs: Erich Hüttenhain

> Another fairly useless bit of trivia :-/

Probably less trivial than you think. If it's really the same guy, he's not
small fry. Do you have any details of their correspondence?

Thanks for the remark - I thought he was "just another historian" - but he's
(was?) a leading German crypto guy:


Jedoch hatten auch die deutschen Kryptologen ihre Erfolge. Nicht nur die
Amerikaner konnten die von den Japanern eingesetzte "purple machine"
entschlüsseln, auch die Chiffrierabteilung des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht
unter der Leitung von Erich Hüttenhain war dazu in der Lage.


The first official cryptologic service in Germany was established with the
permission of the Allied High Commission in 1950 within the new Foreign
Ministry as Referat 114 by Dr. Haas from the Federal Chancellery. Referat
114 was headed by Adolf Paschke, former member of Pers Z and joined by Dr.
Horst Hauthal and Heinz Karstien, likewise former members of Pers Z. Referat
114 was advised by the so-called "Wissenschaftliche Beirat" with Kurt
Selchow, Rudolf Schauffler, Heinz Kuntze and Erich Hüttenhain as members of
the board.


>From 1956 to 1989 the German Cipher Board, known in Germany as the ZfCh
(Zentralstelle für das Chiffierwesen) was the unique authority for the
development of encryption systems and cryptanalysis of high grade encryption
systems. The German Cipher Board was the result of Dr. Erich Hüttenhains
experience and knowledge from WWII. Dr. Hüttenhain's goal was to prevent a
duplication of what happened before 1945. His aim was one and only one
authority for the development of new high grade encryption systems and
cryptanalysis of high grade encryption systems. In 1956 Hüttenhain achieved
his goal by founding the ZfCH and getting the unique control and the
authority to decide what encryption system was to be introduced for every
federal service and ministry.


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