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VMs: Book on early Italian crypto posted

It's from 1902, but I think it's a little gem. Imagine all the work that
went into these 50 pages! I still have to post 10 pages, but most of it is
already there. What's not yet there is Cicco Simoneta's original treatise on
decryption, that's also part of the book. I'll scan that tomorrow.

My wife said "I think this book can be scanned, it won't fall apart." And
she was right :-)

http://uair01.xs4all.nl - most of the time it's up and running ...

Look under:
Die Anfänge der modernen diplomatischen Geheimschrift : Beiträge zur
Geschichte der italienischen Kryptographie des XV. Jahrhunderts / Aloys

Am I right that this book is so old it can be posted with impunity?

If you see anything vaguely Voynichese give a a shout!

Greetings, Petr

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