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Re: VMs: Welsh/Cornish (Like it or not....)

Hi Tim,

At 00:06 27/11/2003 -0500, Tim Ackerson wrote:
Now however did you find that? Strange that *I* couldn't get it to come up in a Google search, what with all the Meta tags I threw in......

I didn't find it with Google (and indeed couldn't have)... I'm just a good guesser. :-)

As to "VMs-as-Welsh", Welsh appears to make up about 25% of the language content (higher in some folios, lower in others.) From what I am seeing, indications point to the bulk of the language being Old Cornish (which is similar to Early Welsh in structure and spelling, and often mistaken for it.) It is also obscure, with few glosses on the subject.

While I do understand your argument, I'm not sure I buy your "25%" figure - it seems a little high, given that most of the words given are (at best) fragmentary and "interpretational". I'd be a bit happier if it the figure had been assessed by someone with a deep experience of Early Welsh texts (or is how you would describe yourself?)

Now, about that hoax bit. I have run across a word that is very common, in fact on almost every folio, that has me wary. This innocuous little word is "beda".

Go ahead, type it into your search engine*. I make no claim as to that being what "beda" makes reference to, but the implications are disturbing.....

Errrm... "Beda Venerabilis"? Or Beda Fell (in the Lake District)? Or Beda, "the Goddess of disaster and misfortune" (according to "Obsidian")? Or Fassoulia Beda (White Bean Stew)? I presume you're disturbed by the Goddess, but I might be wrong...?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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