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VMs: Whole crypto book is on line now

Including the decryption treatise of Sicco (sic!) Simonetta - in Latin. Just
three pages long.

I think I've once seen a website with an on-line library of old crypto books
(like Vigenére etc.). I could send the stuff to them if someone knows the
URL. Or do I remember something that doesn't exist  at all?

My next step will be scanning the book on ancient Papal / Vatican
cryptograhy. Are you still interested? But that's more than 100 pages, so it
will take a bit longer.

>whole generations and many big minds have wasted their time on this

>I suppose that Petr Kazil considers himself to have a bigger mind than the
"big minds" he mentions.

I read a serious study on Dee and it left me depressed to see how a
brilliant person got stuck in his own theories and let his life and talent
go to waste. Since then I haven't had much fun reading books on Alchemy. But
that's just my personal impression.

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