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VMs: Re: VMS Decryption

Hmm. I am not sure what your train of thought is here. Yes, each of the four gallows are made with two strokes. All the gallows start with a single straight down stroke. Are you thinking then that this is the first character and that the second stoke is the second charater? This is also true of the 4 in the 4o combination of characters, which in this case together may be formed with as many as four strokes, one straight down and one loop to a horizontal right for the four and then two strokes for the o.
Dana Scott
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From: Jeff
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 4:51 PM
Subject: VMs: VMS Decryption

I have been looking at the results of various tests that I ran a while ago
on (YES AGAIN) the EVA. I have now come to a very interesting conclusion.
That the EVA, instead of containing too many characters for the
representation of actual glyphs, does not have enough. The double legged
gallows are actually pairs of characters! There is a reason for this
assumption which I won't bore you with now. However, the table and partial
"decryption" to what I believed to be Italian has a major flaw in it. If I
hadn't done this decryption test I would not have stumbled upon the one
thing that I believe will truly make sense of ALL the statistics. The next
time I post to the list I will be either eating a HUGE piece of humble pie,
or I will be posting the first stage decryption of either plain text, or at
least a method to retrieve any shorthand that might be there according to
Nick. Wish me luck because I hate humble pie.

I'm going outside now. I may be some time.......

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