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Re: VMs: Whole crypto book is on line now

Hi Petr,

At 12:51 29/11/2003 +0100, Petr Kazil wrote:
Thanks, good to have a backup. I didn't think about Gutenberg, wouldn't work
for the crypto character sets. I thought about the huge Alchemy literature
site (forgot the URL).


> Without the thumbnails, which I believe should generally load faster
You mean the thumbnails should load faster? They're just 5k each. Or the
pictures? These are a hefty 200k each.

Errm... I actually meant that the voynich.info site has a higher throughput than your home site, so the pictures should load faster for most people.

> Given that Meister's work is (despite its age) relevant here,

Maybe because of it's age. I haven't yet come across a modern book that
compares with it in scope and depth of detail. How did this person finance
all his travel, time, lodgings etc. in 1902? It must have taken months to
collect all this information. And I get the impression that the archives and
documents were easier to access in his time than in our time :-)

I don't know Meister's history, but he certainly managed to cover a lot of bases. :-)

I have thought about OCR-ing, but it would have been much more work, and the
crypto characters of course wouldn't scan well. And it would mess up the
layout, which is essential in presenting the different crypto methods. If
you want to try I'll send you the original (uncropped) scans.

As I said, I've never done any OCR-ing... perhaps other people will have recommendations? Clara OCR also seems quite an interesting package. :-o

BTW: Readiris does a decent job and it's not too expensive. I have an old
version that was distributed for free with a german PC magazine. But I don't
have a scanner at home, I have to do it at the office, after hours.

OK, thanks for the recommendation. May I suggest trying out a single 300-dpi page from Meister, to see what it produces?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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