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Re: VMs: The gloomy perspective

 From: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs: The gloomy perspective
 No wonder it has been uncrackable for so long. The guy was a genius. And yet
 I know I have it. I am certain. But there are so many strings to follow its
 like the worst maze you have ever seen. I see the letters falling into the
 right places like a dream. Always going where expected. Yet I cannot
 complete words. There are always too many gaps.
 Whoever it was was a downright B*****D.
Hi Jeff :-)  & all :-)

Backstepping into ~excitant spirit~ (ES) said I would meet an
"INDIAN" ref the VMS - You're not an "INDIAN" per chance are you?

The letters DO fall into place like a "Dream" when you finally *SEE*
it.... (But ~I~ cannot/won't be able read it)! :-(

keep up the effort
but, don't go too ~nuts~ over it.  
"The TIME is NOW, but there is NO RUSH!" :ES
(whatever the H*ck that means ArrGgggg, D*rN those ~spirits~ anyway!!!

Fold (positionings) & Flip IT (mirror) on ~gallows~ for better
complete word results?

Season's GrEeTiNgS! :-)

steve (see the MiRrOr) ekwall :-)

     "gallows ARE KEY!"

I consider vms _Public Domain_ as ES said it was good for "ALL"!

ok ok OK - back under your rock steve! - KO ko ko

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