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VMs: The gloomy perspective

Well for my efforts I have 'la calle dico de carallio' as the only phrase.
Whether this makes any sense or not I'm not sure if I really care that much.
Most of the alphabet sets are elusive. And when I say elusive I mean like
looking for the a particular grain of sand in a very large desert.

No wonder it has been uncrackable for so long. The guy was a genius. And yet
I know I have it. I am certain. But there are so many strings to follow its
like the worst maze you have ever seen. I see the letters falling into the
right places like a dream. Always going where expected. Yet I cannot
complete words. There are always too many gaps.

Before I get totally frustrated I have asked my friend to write to a
translator friend of his that used to work for the UN. Let it drive him nuts
for a while.

Whoever it was was a downright B*****D.


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