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VMs: RE: Re: RE: Why is the VMS so hard?

Jeff:>>It is not meant to look like the VMS. That was not the point. First
it is
modern English and not a language of the time and so wouldn't fit. If I am
correct the patterns in the VMS are totally due to the underlying language.
Different languages will produce different structures.

>>No one on this list seems to remotely understand what I am suggesting.

	I wonder why. Regarding your comments above.. If the underlying language
is the cause of the patterns in the VMS, and you believe you have a
encryption method that works... wouldn't that structure give away the
The VMS is extremely structured as noted by numerous statistics to date,
of which I think Jorge Stolfi's "Grammar" covers nicely. Although working
from modern English to create an encrypted text using a few EVA characters
as output might be fun, there isn't any real gain in the exercise.

	Now, when you can explain how a language transforms from one structure into
the VMS structure using your tables - I might be a little more intrigued.
The structure
of the output isn't something that can be ignored.

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