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Re: VMs: VMS EVA ii combinations

You will also notice that word transitions repeat so that the in of aiin
might often link to s at the start of the next word. It would be interesting
to do a count of word transition patterns both with the last pair in the
first word with the first letter of the next and visa versa. There should
only be a relatively small number of these and not hundreds.

Also I would modify your table to have pairs of EVA characters across the
top and single characters down the rows. It would be very revealing. Also
this would give precisely the table of glyph triplet linkages that I have
been talking about. The only thing missing would be word start and
termination markers.


Jacques Guy jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote
17 December 2003 02:55
Subject: Re: VMs: VMS EVA ii combinations

> 16/12/2003 10:35:46 AM, Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ><daiidy> (according to my counts) appears 7 times.
> Holy mackerel! It's true, too.
> I spent a good hour looking for the EVA transcription
> on my hard disk, and another half hour looking for
> the corresponding jpegs. So I thought: "I might as well..."
> Now I don't know which EVA version I eventually found.
> It starts with
> <f1r>
> <f1r.P1.1;H>       fachys.ykal.ar.ataiin.shol.shory.cthres.y.kor.sholdy
> <f1r.P1.2;H>       sory.ckhar.or.y.kair.chtaiin.shar.are.cthar.cthar.dan
> and ends with:
> <f116r.Q.48;H>
> <f116r.Q.49;H>     sodal.chal.chcthy.chckhy.qol.ain.ary
> <f116v>
> Anyway I did a count, ignoring word breaks (.) and ends of lines, and got
> frequency table like this:
>             a    c    d    e    f    g ...
>  14274 a    5   25   57   14    3    4 ...
>  13310 c    0    4    0    0   81    0 ...
>  12963 d 4118  436   71  130    5    9 ...
> That means that <a> is followed 5 times by <a>, 25 times by <c> and so on.
> The figure to the left of <a>, 14274 is the sum of row <a> (and also
> the sum of column <a> of course)
> The lines of this table are very long (128 characters, plus the
> I don't know how they would display in your e-mail readers, so I attach it
> as straight text file.
> I am sure we have already been through similar frequency counts
> before, but it's only a 3k table, so why not attach it.

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