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VMs: Tranchedino comments...

Hi everyone,

There are some interesting characters on page 88v of the Milanese cipher ledger (page 15 of Petr's Tranchedino_81v_91r.pdf)... if you look at the second row of characters given for the base alphabet, there are a number of "cc" characters with bars above them.

ISTM (from the title of the page) that this was probably for another Tranchedino family member... interesting! :-)

There's also another "4" / "4o" pair on page 94r (coding for "quando" / "max") from 1478.

FWIW, while going through the Tranchedino pages, I've been looking for the two red wierdo characters from VMs f1r (which I call the "upside-down picnic table" and the "hot coffee" glyphs). The former appears in a number of ciphers, but I haven't seen the latter anywhere yet... steaming coffee maybe, but no smoking gun. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: the symbol at the bottom of 100v looks a bit dubious... the code-maker might have been playing a joke, I don't know (you decide). :-)

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