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Re: VMs: Re: Q: Theories about "4o" at word beginning?

Possibly, but there is a distinct difference between the two. Notice that the o in 4o most frequent is beneath the cross bar from the 4, not above as in the right loop for t; however, the 4 does seem to be quite similar to the lefthand side of t with continuing horizontal cross stroke to the right, just placed lower down on the line. Whether the lefthand loop is rounded or triangular is probably just an anomaly of the penmanship.
Dana Scott
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Subject: Re: VMs: Re: Q: Theories about "4o" at word beginning?

I have noticed that the EVA "t" character is frequently written with the
lefthand "horn" sort of triangular rather than circular as the righthand
one is, and wondered if "qo-" might not be a "t" with short legs ..


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