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Re: VMs: VMS: the "Mario cipher" again. Last of it I hope.

Hi Jacques,

At 13:02 23/12/2003 +1000, Jacques Guy wrote:
So, we have here a cipher which reduces the
entropy of the plaintext and exhibits the
same "shape harmony" as the VMS.

Verbose ciphers are interesting, aren't they? :-)

Don't forget that you can also move the statistics in the opposite direction (by replacing verbose pairs in the VMs with single tokens) to try to find some kind of middle ground. I should have done this more actively before now... it's on my list, honest... :-o

BTW, one curious thing about <or> in particular is that despite the fact that it appears so very many times in the VMs (and so I believe is extremely likely to be a verbose cipher pair), on a good number of occasions the scribe has inserted a space between the two letters. One example I mentioned before (last March) is f15v line 2: this contains <or oro raiin>, which would seem to be a deliberately misleading rendering of <or or or aiin> (but I suspect the repetition would have made it look too obviously like a verbose cipher).

FWIW, it's these kinds of things which make me think it's a cipher rather than a language. :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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