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Re: VMs: Re: VMS: the "Mario cipher" again. Last of it I hope.

23/12/2003 8:38:21 PM, "Jeff" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>What about a Mario cipher with triplets instead of the pairs you suggest.
>The initials could have the same function. The following pairs could have
>their own initials etc.

It just means that some initials and some finals are digraphs.
That changes nothing to the fundamentals of the cipher.

IF the VMS is a "Mario cipher" then the immediate conclusion
is that <o> is an initial, since it occurs so often as the
initial of labels. Another is that <qo> is an initial.
A third one is that gallows are very probably initials too, 
since they occur mostly at the start of paragraphs.

Having identified the initials, say <o>, <qo>, <p>, <t>, <k>,
all you need to do is re-insert them in the text. So:

qoteedy = 

1. qo is an initial, t is an initial, so: qo is a null 
   hence => teedy
2. restore the omitted initials:
   tee, td, ty  (supposing that ee = one glyph)

And so on.

You are left with a single-substitution cipher. 
Dead easy to crack.

That is why I believe that this is not the solution.

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