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Re: VMs: Libra

Hi Dana,

At 01:30 24/12/2003 -0700, Dana Scott wrote:
Great! Thanks. Very interesting. No doubt this will be hard to pin down.

Here are a few more examples: <SNIP>

Another route to take might be to look at the (often circular?) designs used for Libra (and Sagittarius, etc) on astronomical clocks from the 15th Century (which is when they started spreading through Europe).

A quick search found astronomical clocks in Prague (though I think the Orloj's calendar is modern), Rostock, Exeter Cathedral, etc (but no good site listing them all) - I'm also unsure whether Giovanni de Dondi's original astronomical clock in Padua (built between 1348 and 1362) had any kind of ornamental zodiacal calendar at all.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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