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Re: VMs: Libra

Yes, thank you. Something to keep in mind upon further investigation.  
Dana Scott 
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Dear Dana,

At 10:51 24/12/2003 -0700, Dana Scott wrote:
>Thank you for the references. Here are a few more samples collected while
>investigating Saggitarius. The first has a feel of the depictions as seen
>in the VMs, though I haven't tracked down the source.

Note Septemb3 / October / Novemb3 written in by hand here (much like on the
VMs, and in a broadly similar hand and script), even though the month-names
also clearly appear in the circular text:-

Perhaps that was a standard way that the church "secularised" possibly
astrological documents? If that *is* some kind of tradition, perhaps (if it
could be traced) it might help suggest a part of the VMs' (lost) provenance?

Cheers & Season's Greetings, ....Nick Pelling....

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