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Re: VMs: Re: My prediction for 2004 :-)

Nick Pelling wrote:
> Isn't that completely typical? Almost immediately we linked Beagle 2 with
> the VMs, it disappeared into an unreachable state where you can't tell
> whether it's dead or alive. :-o

	In a quantum state of "don't know".  How Voynichlike. 
Obviously due to our intervention.  ;-)  

> All the same, several people have already (loosely) connected the VMs with
> Mars:-
>          http://members.tripod.com/mreha/page36.html  (at the bottom)

	Here we see:

> The Voynich manuscript is actually Martian in origin. I believe the original copy is kept in Yale University's Beinecke Rare
>      Book and Manuscript Library. Follow the link if you want more "information" on it, but it will be wrong. 

	... and the link goes to what used to be my website! 
What a foul aspersion!  Fie on this scoundrel!

> Moving from fiction to, umm, faction (or do I mean delusion?), let's not
> forget Helene Smith's (Catherine Elise Muller's) "Martian" (as flagged by
> Dennis):-
>          http://www.forteantimes.com/gallery/martian.shtml

	Thanks for the plug, Nick!  Jacques is the first one
to bring "Martian" up.  I picked up on his hint, and I
dwelt on it a bit more for Hamptonese.  The most
interesting thing about "Martian", in my opinion, is
that "Helene Smith" produced the "Martian" language on
an unconscious level.  I've always wondered if Kelley
didn't do the same thing with "Enochian".  (Take that,
all you Dee-heads!  '-)  )

> ...which connects onwards with the excellent FT article on James Hampton (a
> nice read for Christmas Day if you haven't already seen it):-
>          http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/150_jamesjanitor.shtml

	... if I do say so myself!  

> A Merry Martian Christmas to you all!, .....Nick Pelling.....

	... and to all a good night!

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