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Re: (not really) VMs: MY prediction for 2004

> What with lampis posting from 2004 (already) and Robert Teague repeatedly 
> posting from 2025... will we find the answer in the next 21 years? :-9 

Okay, you caught me. I'm really posting from 2025.

The Voynich was cracked by someone who hasn't yet joined the list in a
few years.  I don't want to say too much and cause a time paradox.

There is some utterly fascinating material in it, and these days careers
are being made by people studying it.

I will say that because it was cracked by this list, we all became rich and
famous, and our lives have been the subjects of documentaries on the
Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and of course,
the VMs Channel. Cartoon Network has contacted us about doing
a series based on this list.


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