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VMs: Sagittarius / crossbow update...

Hi everyone,

I've just received an extremely detailed analysis (in German) from Jens Sensfelder on the VMs' f73v Sagittarius crossbowman, as per this 948x1400 jpeg on the Beinecke's website:-

Once I've clarified a couple of (publication-related) issues with him, I'll need help translating his four pages of text (plus six pages of crossbow-related images!) - any volunteers? :-)

Jens has also expressed an interest in publishing a short article on this in (for example) the journal "Zeitschrift fur Historische Waffen und Kostumkunde". However, he also asks if there are any higher resolution images of f73v available (i.e. suitable for journal publication).

Does anyone have a higher resolution scan of f73v (or even just of the crossbowman in the middle) than the "8x" scan above? The Beinecke will take orders for higher resolution uncompressed TIFFs (typically with double the x- and y- resolutions of the above-linked image) on a CD, but these can take a fair while to arrive internationally. :-o

BTW, if Brett Cotton is reading... did anyone take you up on your offer to scan your 35mm microfilm spool? Does it say how many images are on the spool? Scanning this might be a sensible option to take up now... :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling.....

PS: my German is far too poor to be confident about summarising Jens' findings accurately! :-(

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