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Re: VMs: Research Note: "1708" Update

> Well I zoomed it and could still clearly make out the seven but the others
> were less distinct.

The "8" is good, because you can see white between the loops, so
I don't think it's an artifact.

The date looks more like "1 8o7".

I cropped the "o" from the alphabet table, and put it beside the
"0", and it looks very similar, even the same size. I'm having trouble
making a .jpg of it, but when I do I'll announce it.

> It would need an examination of the actual manuscript
> and I doubt if that will happen anytime soon.

That's why we need to revive the Color Slide Aquisition Project.

I'm willing to call the library, and get the pertinent information. And
the "if you bring it up, you've volunteered" rule, I suppose I'll have to
do the coordinating...   : )


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