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Re: VMs: Research Note: "1708" Update

Robert Teague wrote:
> That's why we need to revive the Color Slide Aquisition Project.
> I'm willing to call the library, and get the pertinent information. And
> under
> the "if you bring it up, you've volunteered" rule, I suppose I'll have to
> do the coordinating...   : )

	It would also be a good idea to get the Contact Group
to arrange 
a CD-ROM publication going again.  The Beinecke had the
VMs out of circulation
to do some restoration work, but they may have finished
that now.  

	I'm too busy to do a lot of coordinating, but I'll
participate.  Jim 
Reeds is out of pocket, I know.  I'm not even sure he's
on the list now.

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