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VMs: Re: Quick question


Your  question about left-right text is very good. There are MANY things
about the VMS that hint that the base language was not European, but Middle
Eastern in origin. The artwork, however points to a Medieval origin. Unless,
as some suspect, the manuscript ?? Middle Eastern, but illustrated or
re-illustrated by a European scribe at a later date. If this is the case,
many of the plants may have changed color (and perhaps design), and the
people in the pictures would have received European clothing, hats, and hair

I ran the VMS by some men who were aquatinted with ancient Middle Eastern
languages, and they wondered if it was ciphered, or perhaps something as
simple as "mirror writing."

So I have another question to add to your quick question:

Has anyone worked out a frequency table for the VMS using EVA, and has this
frequency table been applied to as many languages as possible, checking for
mirror as well as normal layout? This may be a quick way to eliminate the
simple cipher theory. If a frequency table exits for the VMS, could someone
post it? I would then like to find if there are frequency tables for Hebrew,
Aramaic, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Nabataean etc., or if there is a simple
computer program that can calculate this and translate some VMS pages into
the proposed language. If a systematic study was made, these languages as
well as the European ones could all be eliminated, and we would have to
agree that this manuscript is either encrypted, a forgery, or an exotic or
made-up language.

Dan Gibson

Jonathan wrote:
Ok, I know this question may have been addressed
before, but what is the evidence that the VMs was
written left to right? If I am not mistaken most of
the Jewish, Muslim, and even eastern texts are written
and read right to left. I do realize that on some of
the pages that there is a capital letter starting it
off. But if this was some sort of code couldn't it be
read in a non-western fashion?

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