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Re: VMs: Re: Quick question

Hi Dan,

At 09:15 05/01/2004 -0700, Dan Gibson wrote:
Your  question about left-right text is very good. There are MANY things
about the VMS that hint that the base language was not European, but Middle
Eastern in origin. The artwork, however points to a Medieval origin. Unless,
as some suspect, the manuscript ?? Middle Eastern, but illustrated or
re-illustrated by a European scribe at a later date. If this is the case,
many of the plants may have changed color (and perhaps design), and the
people in the pictures would have received European clothing, hats, and hair

A European origin for the VMs seems a fairly sound starting point (European script, European clothes, European hairstyles & hats, Italian barrels, Italian architecture, etc) for historical research - and those images which superficially point to the Middle East (such as the central rosette of the 9-rosette "map" page) seem at least as consistent with the kind of Byzantine architecture found in (for instance) Venice as in Constantinople.

As for the left-right / right-left issue: I don't know of any pages which support the idea of the text being written right-to-left, and IIRC the majority of pages seem to support the assertion that it was composed left-to-right. AFAICR, scribal ink-flow also seems to fade from left to right, which would point to its being (physically) written left-to-right. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

I don't currently see any compelling reason to suppose a Middle Eastern origin for the VMs, nor a right-to-left script: I know that they're the theories that particularly excite your imagination, but I don't understand how the evidence supports them, sorry. :-(

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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