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Another idea, was: Re: VMs: Re: Quick question & VMS musical notation.

John Grove wrote:

As for the right-to-left idea... I'm still up in the air on that because I quite firmly believe that the dilineated text following numerous paragraphs in my opinion are titles for the preceding paragraph ...


Hi all,

Just an idea which lately crossed my mind: Perhaps the individual _words_ in the VM are written backwards, but the sentences are written left to right -- ie, "Oh happy day" would turn into "ho yppah yad".

I was lead to this idea by the fact that the "4" letter is only found at the beginning of words. Incidentally, in older versions of German scripts, there were two different shapes of "s", one which looks pretty much like an "f", and another one which resembles a modern "s". The latter would only be used at word endings. (The combination of a double "s" at the word's end -- "fs" -- turned into the beta-like character in use today, known as the "sharp s").

This would explain why in a simple substitution cipher "4" would only appear at word beginnings -- because it would have been equivalent to the "s"-s (as opposed to the "f"-s). Unfortunately, I couldn't explain the other peculiarities (repetivity, etc.) that way, and my attempts with simple substitution lead nowhere.

But perhaps it's a possibility to bear in mind.



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