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RE: VMs: Re: Quick question & VMS musical notation.

	I, for one, have considered both issues (and discarded the musical notation
long ago). In fact - that was pretty much my starting point which led to
tonal systems, etc... There are strong patterns of ligature usage in both
the 'c' and 'i' stroke characters/glyphs/notes, but the strongest argument
against musical notation in my view is the circular text and labels.

	As for the right-to-left idea... I'm still up in the air on that because I
quite firmly believe that the dilineated text following numerous paragraphs
in my opinion are titles for the preceding paragraph - and if read from
bottom to top/right to left instead a whole new view of the VMS could be
garnered. However, the text certainly looks as though it was penned left to
right and top to bottom. Who knows?

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