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VMs: Re: Re:VMS Labels

> > Those are the only ones I'm sure of.
> There are some excellent candidates in f67r2.
> If you look at the right-hand part of: 
> http://www.voynich.nu/extra/mstaur.html
> you can see that in seven of the twelve segments
> there is a more-or-less free-standing word.
> My assumption is that these are the seven planet
> names.

I've studied that folio, but I'm not convinced those
are planet names. 

But it just occurred to me that I can check. The two lines
of text over the dark moon at the 9 o'clock position
have as the last word <oldy> which translates to
"1583". I will look and see if a different planet 
appeared near the crescent moon each month that year.


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